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About Us


In 1965 Stefan Fohrafellner, locksmith and steel construction expert, founded his company. This was back in the era when the saying ‘a trade in hand finds gold in every land’ was still true. With hard work, and a high degree of competency, he managed to overcome even the hardest technical challenges. He raised two sons in this environment and they decided, even at an early age, to continue in their father’s footsteps. The iron will, hard graft and thorough subject knowledge were passed on from father to sons, to be implemented in their careers. Thomas Fohrafellner took over the steel works and has specialised in planning and producing staircases and railings. Herwig Fohrafellner acquired technical training and, after having gained extensive business experience in Austria and abroad, has concentrated on building penthouse apartments on top of Vienna’s grandest buildings.

Herwig Fohrafellner and Dr. Walter Scharner met at a property viewing. Being a versatile legal expert, Dr. Walter Scharner recognised the high quality of the ‘sanctuaries’ being created above the rooftops of Vienna. A successful cooperation was created which developed into a productive partnership bearing the fruit of many top projects. One such project being the renovation and refurbishment, including the creation of extended living space into the roof, of Count Dominik Kinsky’s Viennese palace at Schellinggasse 7 in the first district. One particular feature of this property is Penthouse Sports; a sanctuary where fitness and well-being are a priority. Herwig Fohrafellner and Dr. Walter Scharner, both avid fitness fans, have fulfilled a childhood dream in creating their new fitness studio.

Herwig Fohrafellner

Managing Director

Walter Scharner

Managing Director



Fitness studios equate quality with quantity and as a result are becoming increasingly impersonal. You believe in a private atmosphere and exclusivity. How did this unusual concept arise? 

In the big and sprawling clubs the guests don’t feel a sense of customer care. The personal touch is lacking. We put a focus on personal care and attention.  This trend is coming from the USA, where the boutique fitness clubs have successfully implemented this model. 

The very beginning is exciting! Penthouse Sports is setting new standards. Completely new directions and attractions, such as the cold sauna, which is currently in high demand amongst prominent figures on the world stage and, in particular, top athletes. 

You are offering completely new dimensions in this field. Which factors or criteria influence the services you offer?

Herwig Fohrfellner: Our guests are representatives of the Viennese elite, such as the directors of well known companies. These people are only lacking one thing: time. Therefore, we provide a customised approach to ensure they reach their fitness goals in the shortest possible time. Providing efficient and safe workouts in an exclusive atmosphere is our philosophy. Additional attractive features such as the cyrosauna, diverse spa facilities, and wireless EMS training as well as massage, yoga and a Pilates centre complete the range of services being offered.

As owner of Windobona Skydiving, tests to your physical fitness must be well-received. As part-owner of Penthouse Sports what’s your take on this completely new method of working out?

Dr. Walter Scharner: Daily life without working out is unimaginable for me. Sport plays a very important part in my life; it’s how I manage my health and maintain my performance. Fitness training is vital for my hobby: indoor skydiving. I can now hold positions in the air over a longer time, which wasn’t always possible for me.

Now, one more important question for three of you: where do you see Penthouse Sports Vienna in one year’s time?

With this club we want to set the standards in the premium division. Three important criteria speak for us: private, exclusive and located in the heart of Vienna; just minutes’ walk from Stephansdom. This is a first in Vienna.