EMS Training


EMS Training is for anyone who wants to bring out the best in themselves. By putting the best into themselves. As a worldwide unique EMS functional workout system, Visionbody delivers the full potential for intense full-body muscle training with complete freedom of movement. Wireless and with no damp clothing. Effective, gentle on your joints and long-lasting results. 


The Visionbody powersuit fits like a glove, offers maximum individual freedom of movement, and it looks great. The suit stays dry; helping you feel great too. Before the training session there is no need to moisten or spray the electrodes – only during an intense Visionbody workout might this occur naturally.  But even then, the antibacterial nature of the Visionbody Powersuit guarantees maximum hygiene and a neutral odour. The material is also made to dry quickly. Yet it is so durable, it washes easily without losing any of its functionality. It will give you years of enjoyment as your second skin. Even more so, because you actually make it your own: On purchasing a Visionbody Powersuit, each customer receives a QR-code registered to their name that they can bring with them to their workouts.

Booking Appointments

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  • EMS Suit €249
  • EMS Training: 1 Session of 20 min. €55
  • EMS Training: 10 Sessions of 20 min. €450