Massage is, in the broadest sense of the term, the oldest remedy in the history of mankind. The use of massage as a remedy to heal has its origins most likely in eastern Africa and Asia (Egypt, China and Persia). It is first mentioned in Chinese culture by Huáng , who already in 2600 BC described massage techniques and gymnastic exercises. 


By means of different massage techniques blood circulation to the skin and muscles can be enhancedAdditionally, cell metabolism in tissue can be stimulated and blood pressure and the heart rate can be lowered. Furthermore, massaging the skin and the muscles creates deep relaxation. Tension points in muscles can be unblocked, therefore providing pain relief.


  • CLASSIC MASSAGE: The classic massage serves to relax, loosen and stretch the muscle tissue, it can also strengthen weak muscle tone. The massage can act as a passive physical therapy. Blood circulation to the tissues and the skin can be stimulated, in turn improving blood circulation and general well-being. 
  • ANTI STRESS DREAMLAND MASSAGE Total relaxation for body, mind and soul. Enjoyable, regenerating massage strokes, using essential oils along the meridians according to the principles of Ying and Yang. Inner balance is restored. 
  • ESSENTIAL OIL MASSAGEThis massage has a balancing and de-stressing effect. Aromatic essential oils, specially selected to suit you, enable relaxation and a feel-good factor. Depending on the mix of oils, this massage can be rejuvenating or calming. Let yourself be mesmerised and enchanted by the fragrant oils and gentle massage techniques.
  • HOT CANDLE MASSAGE:  A composition of essential oils with skin protecting waxes and coconut oil give this unique massage its stimulating appeal. Choose from the following aromas: wild rose, lavender, coconut & mint, honey & ginger, lime & bamboo and orange & lemongrass.
  • BACK AND NECK MASSAGE: Increased stress levels, or too much time spent sitting at a desk, can lead to muscle tension. Our shoulder and neck massage, and the extended back massage, serve to stretch and loosen the muscles in the neck, back and shoulders.
  • Hot Stone Massage: Stones are heated on basalt in 60 °C water. With these so-called dynamic stones, the therapist massages the body, as if the stones are the extended hands of the masseur.  
  • THAI FOOT REFLEXOLOGY MASSAGE: The foot reflexology massage is based on the theory that every organ, muscle and bone is interrelated to points of our feet via reflex paths.



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Appointments are available for the fallowing time periods

Mo-Fr. 14:00-20:30
Sa. 09:00-12:00
So. 14:30-17:30 Uhr


  • Classic Massage: 1 session of 50 min, €89
  • Back $ Neck Massage: 1 session of 20 min, €42
  • Anti Stress Dreamland Massage: 1 session of 60 min, €118 /90 min, €178
  • Essential Oil Massage: 1 session of 60 min, €108
  • 3 in 1 Massage. 1 session of 50 min, €98
  • Hot Candle Massage: 1 session of 60 min, €129
  • Hot Stone Massage: 1 session of 60 min, €87 /90 min, €108
  • Thai Foot Reflexology Massage: 1 session of 40 min, €69