The Pilates method is a total body workout, which predominantly focuses on the deeper smaller, and often weaker, muscle groups, which are responsible for good posture and a healthier control of movement. The training session comprises strength exercises and stretching and breathing techniques. In some cases, this method of training is advised as a rehabilitation after an accident or injury. It is important to have an expert introduction to the method to avoid incorrect posture or movements. Generally speaking, the risk of injury is relatively low.  The goal is to strengthen the muscles, improve fitness levels and ability to coordinate movements and posture, stimulate blood circulation and increase body awareness. Every exercise involves training the so-called ‘powerhouse’ which refers to the muscles located in the middle of the body around the spin, which are responsible for core stability. The muscles in the pelvic floor and the deep torso muscles are intended to be strengthened. All the movements are performed slowly and rhythmically, to protect the muscles and joints. Simultaneously, correct breathing techniques are advised. 


  • Control: An important aspect of this training session is the controlled execution of all the exercises and movements, thereby strengthening the smaller ‘helper muscles’. 
  • Concentration: With the help of focused concentration, body and mind can be brought into harmony. Each movement should be executed with awareness, therefore giving the body and the movement the mind’s maximum attention.  
  • Breathing: Breathing awareness plays an important part in Pilates. It serves to counteract tension and raise the level of control in the body. Diaphragmatic breathing is practised. 
  • Centring: This term refers to the strengthening of the centre of the body, the so-called Powerhouse, which extends from the rib cage to the pelvis and contains all the vital organs. By strengthening the power-house muscles the back are strengthened, and this can relieve backache.  
  • Relaxation: Actively relaxing can help locate and relieve tension. In Pilates relaxation is however not the opposite of body tension. 
  • Flowing movements: All exercises are performed without long intervals in between. There are no exercises which are performed in an abrupt or isolated manner. 


To improve core stability, posture, coordination and balance whilst performing complex movements. The adjustable springs enable progressive resistance – controlled movements focus on eccentric muscle use. This creates a ‘no-impact’ stretching and strengthening training session, which is gentle on the joints.

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  • Pilates 1 session of 55 min. €90
  • Pilates 10 sessions of 55 min. €850

 Unsere Pilates Training Team

Nina Wien

Pilates Trainerin

Zert. BASI Pilates CTTC Trainerin, und Mitglied im Pilatesverband Austria mit Fortbildungen an Med Uni Wien (Anatomie), Rael Isacowitz, Jesse Lee, Alex Bohlander..

Nadja Docsek

Pilates Trainerin

Profitänzerin und Pilates Spezialistin mit über zwanzig Jahre Erfahrung im Pilates Bereich. “Ich lege besonderes Augenmerk auf die richtige Atemtechnik und die korrekte Ausführung der einzelnen Übungen. Intensive Körperwahrnehmung und Achtsamkeit kennzeichnen meinen persönlichen Unterrichtsstil”

Kirsten Wendeborn

Pilates Trainerin

Pilates Trainerin von die Pilates Academy Int. in New York, Body Arts and Science International, und Physical Mind Institute in New York, Tänzerin mit Ballet Centrum Berlin und M. Cunningham Dance Studio New York, Yoga Trainerin bei PT und Fitness Counselor AFAA New York, Mitgliedes des Pilates Method Alliance.

Cesar Sampson

Pilates Trainer

Cesár Sampson is the son & apprentice of pilates master teacher Charleston Marquis, who was the first to teach Pilates in the german speaking countries. C.Marquis´ Bodyhood Pilates is pilates in it´s most functional form, and focuses on a clearly structured learning process, which makes it easier to get a grasp of its principles. Cesár Sampson practices Pilates since over 10 years and often uses it´s benefits in his work as a personal coach for pro athletes, performers and rehab patients.