Afrikan Yoga

Femi Afrikan-Yoga Meister bei Penthouse Sports

The Orgins of Yoga

Afrikan Yoga

The origins of all yoga types, African Yoga resembles a dance – Tai Chi Gong, Shaolin, Shiatsu ballet movements, drawing from the five elements (earth, metal, water, wood, and fire). It acts quickly in terms of flexibility and healing. The cultivation of Afrikan Yoga is done using drums, rhythm, and flow with a focus on the arms, hips, and spine.

Afrikan Yoga represents the essential instruments in the body for receiving and processing breath, for a healthy body and mind. The spine and the pelvis generate the Sekham (Chi) energy through the nervous and chakra system.

Afrikan Yoga is cultivated through rhythm and flow (MyOUR) with a focus on arms, spine, and hips. In movement within our form, the five elements (inner freedom) come to life throughout the body. The art of Afrikan Yoga honors the female, comprehensive power, the gentle subtle energy. This expression of cosmic power is the spirit and the vehicle through which Afrikan Yoga has emerged.

Fundamentals of Afrikan Yoga

  • Mindfulness of the natural rhythm
  • Healthy body awareness
  • Breath mindfulness meditation
  • Directing consciousness and love
  • Manifestation of intent

Shiatsu Massage

Femi is also an expert in Shiatsu massage. Shiatsu massage is a Japanese therapy that applies pressure to specific points to balance energy in the body. It releases tension, promotes relaxation, and enhances well-being. Appointments can be booked online below.

Femi Afrikan Yoga Master Shi Miao Gen - 36 generation Shaolin Monk, training at Penthouse Sports
Femi Oladeji Master Shi Miao Gen – 36 generation Shaolin Monk


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