Hydrojet Massage Bed

Ideal for your break times

Tailored for the active lifestyle

Using the force of water and targeting the flow to specific zones on the body, our Hydro Jet Massage Bed provides a full or partial therapeutic body treatment. With Hydro Jet technology, warm jets of water hit your back in a steady motion, massaging tense muscles and relaxing your body. And here is the kicker, you can remain in your clothes while enjoying this Hydro Jet massage. Thus, ideal for a break in between or after a workout.

The unique effects of hydrojet technology

  • Tightens skin and connective tissue
  • Loosens muscles and tensions
  • Promotes metabolism and lymph flow
  • Relieves joints
  • Strengthens the immune system
Hydrojet Massage at Penthouse Sports


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Hydrojet massage session(of 25 min)€20
Hydrojet massage 5-sessions block(of 25 min each)€90
Hydrojet massage 10-sessions block(of 25 min each)€170