Personal Training

Targeted and effective

We understand fitness

Your PENTHOUSE SPORTS coach will address your individual needs and create your personal training plan – tailored to your exact goals and wishes. Our experienced training coaches are at your beck and call with the latest and best in industry know-how and accompany you step by step on your way.

Why Personal Training?

  • Additional motivation
  • Targeted and effective training
  • Individual and versatile training plan
  • Minimized risk of injury
  • Regular performance reviews and training adjustment
  • Professional tips on sports & nutrition
  • A unique opportunity to grow beyond yourself
Personal Training with Najeeb at Penthouse Sports


Would you like to book an appointment with us? Just give us a call at 01/3751010 and leave your preferred appointment time for the session, or conveniently book from home using our online appointment calendar. (No membership required!)

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Our Trainers

Najeeb Personal Trainer at Penthouse Sports


Personal training, EMS, altitude training

Erik Personal Trainer at Penthouse Sports


Personal training, EMS, altitude training

Paris Personal Trainer to Penthouse Sports


Personal training, X-treme Pilates

Kira Personal Trainer at Penthouse Sports


Personal training, X-treme Pilates


Personal Training(1 unit of 55min)€90
Personal Training 10-session Block(of 55min each)€850

Complement your personal training

EMS Training with Personal Trainer at Penthouse Sports

EMS Training

Your highly efficient full-body muscle workout, wireless for more freedom

Altitude Training at Penthouse Sports

Altitude Training

Achieve more energy with less oxygen